Beef broth
with noodles & pancake stripes
Beef broth
with meat-strudel
Beef broth
with small cheesy dumplings

Main courses

Boiled fillet of beef
with finely cut strips of fried potatoes & horseradish sauce
Steamed beef steak
with pasta (Spätzle)
Wiener Schnitzel
with boiled potatoes, sprinkled with parsley & a salad
As cooked for Kaiser Franz Josef
Cordon bleu (pork)
with boiled potatoes & parsley
Johann Strauss’ favourite
Pariser Schnitzel
pork cutlet fried in butter with rice
Austrian Hamburger steak
with potato salad
Manfred’s favourite

Alt Wiener Matrosenfleisch
old viennese sailor’s meat with dumplings

beef & pork stew, seasoned with marjoram

Krautfleckerl (pasta & chopped cabbage)
with bacon
Austrian cheese & onion pasta
with salad

As prepared by austrian lumberjacks


Cold steamed finely sliced beef
with pumpkin seed oil & brown bread
Würstlsuppe (Frankfurter soup)
finely cut German sausage meat
with vinegar, oil, onions & bread or rolls
W. Churchill relished the thought of this recipe
with mustard & horseradish sauce
Strammer Berg Maxl (Strapping Mountain Max)
eggs & bacon on brown bread
Brown bread & dripping
with onions
Bread or rolls
Mixed salad


Cake or Strudel (ask what I’ve been baking today)

Austrian wine (in originial bottles)

Unwind with a drink ‘cos it’s all very tasty,
relax with your friends,
there’s no need to be hasty
Riesling Platin DAC, 1/8 litre 3,30
Tement, 1/8 litre 3,00
Blauer Zweigelt, 1/8 litre 3,20
Pinot Noir, 1/8 litre
Blaufränkisch, 1/8 litre 3,20
Chardonnay, 1/8 litre 3,00
Welschriesling, 1/8 litre 3,00
Schlicher, 1/8 litre 3,00

Non alcoholic beverages

Cola, Fanta, Sprite & Almdudler 0,25 litre 2,40
(sparkling mountain herbal soft drink) 0,5  litre 4,00
Mineral water 0,33 litre 2,30
Apple-, orange-, redcurrant juice 0,25 litre 2,40
0,5 litre 4,20
Gespritzt juices (with gas) 0,25 litre 1,70
0,5 litre 3,40
Soda water
0,25 litre 1,00
Raspberry soda 0,5 litre 2,20
Lemon soda 0,5 litre 2,20

Hot drinks

Espresso with milk 2,20
Large coffee with milk 2,60
Double espresso 3,00
Capuccino 3,30
Milk coffee 3,30
All the above coffee variations, are available free of coffeine
Hot chocolate 3,00


Black 2,50
Green 2,50
Fruit 2,50
Peppermint 2,50
Camomile 2,50

Mixed drinks

Stiegl 0,5 litre 3,20
0,3 litre 2,40
0,2 litre 2,10
Shandy 0,5 litre 3,40
0,3 litre 2,50
White-beer 0,5 litre 3,40
0,3 litre 2,50
Alcohol free beer 0,5 litre 3,40

Austrian wine (decanted)

Veltliner, 1/8 litre 1,90
Zweigelt, 1/8 litre 1,90
Gespritzter, 1/4 litre 2,40
Sommer Spritzer, 1/2 litre
Traditional draught cider, 1/2 litre 2,20

Service and tax are included in the price of your meal!

The Plainlinde

Fresh as a daisy and cooked on the spot,
you may have to wait, but possibly not!
It depends on your order, which goes straight in the pan,

Everything’s fresh and running to plan.

Service and tax are included in the price of your meal.

I would just like to point out that – owing to the fact that I cook in small quantities, something on the menu could quite easily have run out.

Our food is to die for; it’s not very fast,
but that’s because we strive for the perfect repast!

Fresh food – so just dig in!


Birthdays / Weddings / Anniversaries & other celebrations

Should you be planning a festivity, we would be only too pleased to help you decide on your personal menu, decoration and order of events in our private room. Looking out at the marvellous view of Salzburg.
You can relax and enjoy being the host of your own event in.